Managed, goal-oriented communication yield the results

Communication supports your business. With the help of Teonsana Communications’ expertise you can recognize corporate communications strengths and weaknesses. When you know what and why to develop, you can do the right choices and get the results.

Focus in the social and innovation-related communication

Teonsana Communications has focused in the challenging social influence, innovation and technology-related communication. We have served a large number of businesses and corporations operating in the technology sector, as well as public organizations for the promotion of innovation.

Teonsana Communications has achieved exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, as our long-term customer relationships prove. Clients praise our speed, our attention to detail and our ability to communicate challenging matters in an interesting and credible way. In all projects we aim at a final result that genuinely supports and promotes the customer’s operations.

Our approach is entrepreneur-driven, because all of our experts are company’s shareholders. External expert resources we purchase from our broad and diverse partner network.

Our services

The Teonsana communications services will meet your requirements and they are implemented in a cost-effective way to support your business and its objectives.

The range of services and products covers content marketing, strategic communications planning, content production and the creation of corporate publications.

As a communications expert we can help you when defining your content marketing strategy, communications objectives and key messages, and choosing the right approaches for communicating with different stakeholders.

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